Visual glitch in inventory store for catalysts

Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829 ★★
In inventory store when the items are about to expire for catalyst , mostly my T1 and T2 get expire but I always sold them , it’s usually 3 T1 and 2 T2 , somehow I am selling these in this sequence only, but from last couple of weeks , when I see my catalysts are in the range of expiring, I see it shows me that I have T3 expiring and a alpha T1 with the same sequence of T1and T2. When I get to the inventory and then click the storage it shows me the correct expiring catalysts.

Anyone else observed this. Will post a pic next time I see this or a video.


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    Yes, this is still happening. You can scroll the screen up and down and you'll notice the expiring catalysts change.
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