My personal opinions on Goldpool and how to obtain him.

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Goldpool, judging from the looks alone, will probably just be a bleed immune Deadpool without Regen. So, think OG Deadpool fusing with Colossus. But of course we don't know at this time.
How to obtain him is almost as paper eating as my shredder.
You have two options:
- Spend a truck load of units in hopes of pulling him in arena and get disappointed.
- Spend a truck load of units on limited time good crystals in hopes of pulling him and get disappointed.
Basically, I don't have the money or the patience to go for a walking statue. I didn't get OG Deadpool, OG Vision, Kang, or Thanos, so I most likely won't start here.
This guy will have to pack some serious damage and have the highest stats in the game if I even think about going on some major farming for units and pop a load of limited time golden crystals.
And even then, the luckiest I got was pulling 4* Punisher(I'm not Uncollected). I doubt I will get that lucky again.
I like the idea of changing the golden Crystal to have a champion in it, and I liked the idea of bringing back the OG Deadpool arena(though I obviously won't be going for it) but this champ is too expensive for my taste. And that is how I feel about Goldpool.
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