Major lag since update

Horrible lag in all screens since update this afternoon. IPad 3 (old I know but worked before this update).


  • TechnicsTechnics Posts: 16
    Same here.
  • Hey guys, I’m really sorry to hear you are experiencing lag since the update! We're trying to keep everyone's comments about performance issues such as this more organized, and to help us achieve this we have created two new threads and a bug report template. Please contribute to whichever of the two discussions below is relevant to you by providing the information we have requested on the first page of each one.

    If you're playing the game on an Android device, the relevant discussion can be found HERE. If you're an iOS user, then THIS is the relevant discussion.

    Our QA Team are constantly reviewing and investigating any issues which are reported here in the Forum in an effort to make future improvements to the game, and your feedback is an instrumental part of this process, so thank you very much in advance for your help!
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