Act 5.2.5

InbaInba Posts: 27
Currently at this point need tips for clearing this chapter and need tips for which champs use to clear it


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    edited June 2018
    Keep on practising on the Moon Knight when you enter the quest and when you get better there aren't too many hard fights (choose easy path first time), just keep practising the Bane node it makes it easy for 5.2.6 for Collector
    My team was
    R4 5* AA Unduped - Most Useful (Parry, heavy attack= neurotoxin)
    R4 5* Drax Unduped
    R3 5* Medusa Unduped
    R5 4* Voodoo
    R5 4* Hulk - Awesome especially for Collector
    Only completed it this week good luck!
  • InbaInba Posts: 27
    Thanks bro
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