AA and Maggie 'nerfs' make perfectly good sense!



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    The nerf is not the problem here bud. It's the way kabam did it without saying anything or letting us know this was a bug after all.
    What happened to transparency? Clearly we are not getting transparency at all
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    iceman is not immune to cold snap, ironman can somehow bleed even though he has armor. And there's many more examples. How is blade the top champ out of all marvel? Nothing makes sense in this game
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    Noob2435 wrote: »
    iceman is not immune to cold snap, ironman can somehow bleed even though he has armor. And there's many more examples. How is blade the top champ out of all marvel? Nothing makes sense in this game

    Uh, have you seen his shades? Coolness factor of infinity. Gives him the auto win.
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    What’s really irritating is they keep nerfing or “fixing” champions that many of us use rewards we spent years accumulating to rank up to the highest level we could and they aren’t even considering giving us rank down tickets so we can make necessary changes to our rosters.
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    All due respect, just because something makes sense or doesn't to you doesn't make you correct. AA overcoming stun immune under specific circumstances is a unique ability, making him special in that specific way. You still have to fight well and apply the neurotoxin to inflict the stun. Blades danger sense ability, while admittedly seems overpowered at times, is what makes him unique and desired. The same way Crossbones has his unique ability to overcome nodes like safeguard and inflict regular damage where the node says you can't.

    Erasing the very few unique ways to overcome specific nodes and abilities is stupid and essentially makes every champion equally qualified for all content, thus eliminating the desire for new and different champs due to the areas they specifically excel. Why are we stripping unique abilities away from champs who have been in the contest for some time now, that more players actually have, while stacking new champs with awesome abilities that the vast majority of players can't use?

    IW Iron Man has insane defensive abilities no one else has, IW Cap does monster damage, has glancing like Antman to lower incoming damage and blocks like WW2 Cap all but eliminating block damage. Killmonger has reverb, true strike, unstoppable and indestructible charges and gains power at a crazy rate, and the list goes on. Don't worry though, once more players have these champs we'll see them stripped down like AA and Magik and like you want for Blade while the new batch we need to spend to get come with new overpowered abilities and the cycle continues.

    TLDR enough with stripping away champs abilities and stacking new champs we have to pay for.

    In fact, reading the ability description and understanding the ordinary meaning of the words utilised makes me clearly right, so yes, because it makes sense it does make me right. 🤣😂

    Haha what are you even talking about?

    Safeguard "prevents champion from losing more than 1% health from a single source"

    Read that description and explain to me how crossbones is able to take more than 1% of health in a single blow. It's called reading his ability description and understanding what the words mean, kinda like reading AA's abilities too. Condescending to others when you're clearly ignorant is just a bad look for anyone. Nodes interact as abilities and AA reduces ability accuracy, he was working as intended as confirmed by Kabam. So either you have a comprehension level greater than everyone here including the company who wrote the descriptions you're basing your argument on, or maybe you're actually wrong. If AA's ability shouldn't override a node since nodes are absolute, neither should Crossbones or any other champ in the game. Why is stun immune incapable of being bypassed but other nodes aren't? You can't have it both ways.
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    Grounded Wisdom has never had more than one Forum Account, or Account in-game for that matter. Thanks for the shout-out though.
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    Hi all,

    If you have any additional feedback about changes to Archangel, please do leave it in our active 18.1 update discussion thread.

    As for the issue with Magik, it has been clarified in this thread.
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