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Timeline is uncertain.
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Silent nerfs or fixes?



  • Sith_LordSith_Lord Posts: 230 ★★
    AA is average now? I’ll trade you Agent Venom, Black Panther and Moon Knight for him.

    You're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I'm speaking upon his performance now in LOL. He's trash in there, compared to how he used to be, before the current change.
  • OxCOxC Posts: 57
    Nihung wrote: »
    I think Kabam are on precarious ground here.

    If they lose players, it will be there own fault.

    They will lose some I'm sure... I've been burnt out and close to done with it for a while... Most likely, because I do have much invested, will just simply stop spending.

    I have a ticket for the deadpool arena because I bought a 3* deadpool a while a go. I would have put in a serious effort to grind for him, but now... meh... Not worth the investment.

    I keep dropping out and returning but each break gets longer and longer. The first time I left was for around 1-2 months and got coaxed back by friends. The second time was for 3-4 months and came back to help out an old alliance. I'm getting p***ed off again with the unfairness of the AI and blatant money making manipulation techniques used so am getting quite close to going again. Hopefully I will make it to 6 months or even quit permanently.
  • EvilRazorEvilRazor Posts: 143
    edited June 2018
    _ASDF_ wrote: »

    So Medusa’s furies aren’t buffs because their passive? This makes no sense. Oh wait. Except that they can “adjust” aka nerf champs that are a year old and bring out say a new one like proxima midnight who can bypass auto lock. Buy up the crystals boys. And then once your done buying hundreds of those crystals, they’ll nerf the champ you got. And..... Bring out a new one.

    In fact her ability to gain Fury Buff is passive, but the Fury Buffs are active like any fury in this game. So it can be nullified or prevented as usually. I already tested in past version Scarllet Witch and Magik can nullify it.

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