SILENT BLADE NERF??? [Admin Note: Confirmed NOT Nerfed]



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    40% chance does not mean 4 out of 10 times it triggers. It means that every time of the 10, there's a 40% chance it triggers. Which also means a 60% chance every time it doesn't.

    It baffles me that people won't accept that each chance is in its own little bubble universe, unaware of something that happened earlier....

    But with starky synergy, danger sense goes to 58%, which is more than 42%, so basically you should get more by your side and not keep getting limbo, unstoppable and astral evade frequently!
  • Hey everyone, we’ve double-checked and we haven’t made any intentional changes to Blade. Just to be safe, we’ve also gone back and compared all of his stats from before the update and after, and can confirm that there were no unintended changes to him or his Danger Sense either. We haven’t made any changes to the way RNG works and since his Danger Sense doesn’t completely shut off an opponent’s abilities, it is entirely possible for that RNG to allow opponents to activate abilities multiple times during a fight. Sometimes he may get lucky and shut down every ability during a fight and sometimes he may not stop as many, but that’s the nature of randomness.
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