Dexterity and MD beta change

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I want to say, props for doing this. It doesn’t distract me from all the other stuff going on at the moment that I take issue with, but I think it’s great that something the community wants to change is getting looked at.

Just praying this isn’t an excuse to change dexterity and alter how Stark spidey is a damage god with dexterity and poise charges.


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    You guys aren't killing the game you already destroyed most of the Mystic Defenders with the introduction of blade in the trio. Now you're going to mess with dexterity and Mystic depression which is basically the only two masteries worth anything. I want a refund for every Mastery you **** with
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    DrZola wrote: »
    Really should just be making dexterity a passive. I confess I’m a little baffled why a full beta is needed for this one. Unless there’s more.

    Dr. Zola

    I agree it does seem a little odd, I’m breaking my habit and deciding to be slightly more optimistic than I usually am (yes I know I’m probably setting myself up for disappointment). So I’m hoping they have 3 or 4 different ideas of how to sort out the situation.
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    There's no need to mess with MD or Dex. Cut this stuff out Kabam before you cause another boycott
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    If ther make dex a passive void dont works one. Node 24 more
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    What about Carnage can’t we just nerf him and call it a day
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    Pure Skill is completely broken , wouldn’t that be priority 1 , or fixing that not gonna make u any money Kabam
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    Do they just want to completely destroy the mystic class or what?
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    Honestly I think it's time to refund us for our Mastery purchases period started off with will power they nerfed on me after I purchased it. Skill they nerfed it after I purchased it. there's a couple other masteries now they're going to do dexterity and MD.
    Considering the circumstances I'm not getting what I initially paid for I think it's time mcoc started refunding people's money
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    change MD, to were dex doesn't effect it that is the only change required!!!! I mean half the time dex doesn't work anyways!!!
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    They just need to make dexterity stop refreshing the precision buff every time you evade. Not sure about what changes are they doing to MD but I hope to get an invite lol
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    I just hope they don't nerf the hell out of MD. They can do whatever they want with dexterity and I don't care, but there are many champs that rely on MD to be effective and a nerf now would be disastrous for me.
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    Is anything about this announcement supposed to be considered a positive? The only remotely good thing it that they might... possibly... maybe... finally be fixing Pure Skill after all this time. Can you even begin to imagine the hell storm that will happen if they actually nerf MD with all the money players have spent on not only unlocking and maxing out MD but also on Ranking up all their mystic Champs to work hand in hand with MD? 12.0 all over again IMHO.
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    Seems all the masteries I've purchased they've nerfed I think it's time we demand a refund for our purchases since we don't have what we initially purchase
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    Figures... the community calls for beta testing on champs and that need buffs and they introduce a beta test on masteries. BTW it took a lot of time and resources to fully max out MD. When I did I felt I accomplished something. Now we know the changes will be to nerf not buff these so when that happens I want compensation for my resources and time I used to invest in MD
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    Keep dexterity the same. Add more slashed tires.
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    Drains wrote: »
    If you all think they are buffing these , you are all wrong , new content must have situations where MD and dexterity need to be nerfed to get maximum money from the community.
    I would put my money on this. Of all the things to beta test, such as a couple more trash champs, they choose these. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people who spent a bunch of moneyon maxing out MD that will soon be ripped off but have no recourse because it is permitted under the TOS.
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    kabam is nerfing mystic class, its clear.
    first they made evade on some champs passive so nullify isn't possible anymore with, SW DR, Dorm, Magik. also it will not trigger MD.
    now this, MD mastery is going to nerf with this change so whole mystic class power will be nerfed. well done kabam.. well done
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    Wow literally getting violated here. Do these guys know how freaking hard it is to max out mystic dispersion and now what getting a nerf with no reimbursement. Time to quit for good I guess.
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    NDK13 wrote: »
    Wow literally getting violated here. Do these guys know how freaking hard it is to max out mystic dispersion and now what getting a nerf with no reimbursement. Time to quit for good I guess.

    They know very well how hard it is to max out MD. Now they can say "we are only nerfing it due to feedback from our beta testers. This wasn't our choice"
  • Hey All,

    When we do these Beta tests, we're doing them to gather feedback. Just because a test is happening doesn't mean that we will go forward with what we have planned. However, we are only looking to get feedback from players that have had first hand experience with the potential changes at this time (well... After it actually starts).

    I'll be closing this thread down now, but rest assured that we're not blindly going to move ahead with anything unless the feedback we receive is positive for the changes.
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