Regarding nerfs and silent nerfs

This was a comment by an AA owner "zeezee" i thought people should read this

"Erasing the very few unique ways to overcome specific nodes and abilities is stupid and essentially makes every champion equally qualified for all content, thus eliminating the desire for new and different champs due to the areas they specifically excel. Why are we stripping unique abilities away from champs who have been in the contest for some time now, that more players actually have, while stacking new champs with awesome abilities that the vast majority of players can't use?

IW Iron Man has insane defensive abilities no one else has, IW Cap does monster damage, has glancing like Antman to lower incoming damage and blocks like WW2 Cap all but eliminating block damage. Killmonger has reverb, true strike, unstoppable and indestructible charges and gains power at a crazy rate, and the list goes on. Don't worry though, once more players have these champs we'll see them stripped down like AA and Magik and like you want for Blade while the new batch we need to spend to get come with new overpowered abilities and the cycle continues."


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