Summoners! We hope that you're just as excited about Incursions as we are! They will commence at 11 am PDT/2 pm EST/18:00 UTC!

Shifting Arena Milestones & Reducing the Cost to Find a Match


As part of our continued efforts to ensure Summoners have increased access to Gold, we are taking multiple steps to help you all increase the amount of Gold that you have access to. Two of these steps are coming at you soon.

We are pleased to inform you that we have moved the Gold for Arena Milestones into the first three Milestones! While this will keep the overall Gold amounts in Milestones the same, it will bring them up front so you can earn it faster. This change will be in effect for the 1 to 2-Star, 3-Star Feature Hero, 4-Star Feature Hero, 4-Star Basic Hero, and 5-Star Feature Hero Arenas.

Additionally, we have reduced Gold costs for finding a Match in Arenas as follows:

3-Star Feature Hero Arena: 100 Gold cost down to ZERO Gold cost.
4-Star Basic Hero Arena: 400 Gold cost down to 100 Gold cost.
4-Star Feature Hero Arena: 400 Gold cost down to 200 Gold cost.
5-Star Feature Hero Arena: 500 Gold cost down to 250 Gold cost.

The first Arenas to see this change will be the Domino Featured Hero Arenas and the Loki Basic Hero Arena.
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