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4* Basic Arena Infinite Streak

Can someone explain to me how to start and keep an infinite streak and what kind of roster I would need to do so? I’ve looked at some videos on YouTube about them but they are like a year old and I don’t know if things have changed between then and now.


  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,017 ★★★★★
    There are a couple of ways depending on your Roster. You can do:
    1-8 - Whoever you want.
    9-13 - Sandbag. 2 Max 3*s, one Base Level 3* (1/10).
    13-15 - Highest Champs
    18-21 - R3 4*s, Max 3*s, nothing less than Max 3*.
    Infinite - Nothing less than Max 3*. Minimum 4500 PI.

    ....or what I do now is play whoever I want until Streak 5, then play my 4*s (R3-R5). Then in the Infinite I play my Roster. (Nothing lower than 3* Max.)
    You can use 1/10 4*s as long as you pair them with 2 other stronger Champs (Max 3*s, R3 4*s).
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,616 ★★★★
    i use maxed 3* till rd 10, then work down from top 4* until I run out of 3/30.

    Next rd, work down from top 4*, I don't use 2/20 4* (this is where groot and KK etc live and the forums are wrong, they are still **** even in arena) but will use maxed 3* above 2k and pretty much repeat that until I get bored.
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