Tired of Competitive Play? Want to relax on Map 2 and keep your champs for your own stuff?

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So I got tired of leading a competitive alliance and quite a few of us just got tired of it all as well, but we still wanted to play somewhat regularly. So LEVI is now an active retirement home. We kick back on map 2 and just shoot for 1 BG to finish. If it looks like they're in good shape, people can join BG2 and just take a straight shot to Dorm for extra points and a boss kill for the alliance completion event. The map is free. Your champs aren't locked, and you don't have to wait for nodes to be taken down. You're free to use your best champs for the hard stuff or to breeze through the easy on autopilot. Hopefully you can log in 3 times for a few minutes to use your 5 energy over the course of 24hrs.

We do hold crystals and ranks for SA. We usually do every third SA, and we hit it every time we go for it. Once in a while we'll go back to back if it seems like we've hit it early and can hold till the next week. We haven't missed one we've shot for since we started doing it.

Alliance events we're usually coming close to the alpha. We have gotten it a few times and gotten to the gold shards once or twice. The more we get that are active at least, the better our chances of hitting the last two milestones.

The goal is to try and get as many rewards as we can with as little effort as possible. Map 2 still gets us glory. And you have the rest of your time to work the solo content as you see fit.

We know real life comes first. Work, vaca, family, personal. If you're going to be away for a bit, just let us know. If people are pushing two weeks without logging in and no communication, I'll usually boot. I try to keep things as stress free and relaxed as possible. We are still on Line but aren't as chatty as we used to be. But we are around and some former Levi who are still competitive hang out too.

We have a couple spots open right now, so feel free to say hi in game or on Line. I'm crogs in both places.

Thanks for considering.


  • crogscrogs Posts: 271
    Just a bump instead of starting from scratch. Nice plus lately, we've been taking two SA off and doing one on. Seems to be working. Have put up over 500k each time and put up over 750k on our last one. Next one is next week.
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