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Act 5.4.4 Rainbow of Power

How does Rainbow of power work on 5.4.4 with dp? It says 'doubled power gain triggers all the way'. Can anyone help me, not sure what 'all the way' means, and how it works.


  • Son_of_OdinSon_of_Odin Posts: 50
    Would a mod be able to answer this if no one knows how it works?
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Means doubled power gain.
  • Son_of_OdinSon_of_Odin Posts: 50
    Got a response from Kabam, this is right on par with what I faced in 5.4.4. 5.4.4 dp is red dp, but this node appears again with a dp x force on the resiliance path in 5.4.6. He never gained double the power, just gained power at 50%.

    The "Doubled Power Gain Triggers All The Way" description in the node entitled "Rainbow of Power" actually causes a power gain buff at 50% health. It was intended for X-force Deadpool to be the opponent and X-force deadpool gets a power gain at 25% so the wording of the buff was intended to imply he would get another power gain buff, and that power gain buff is at 50% health. So the buff will apply to Red Deadpool, it will just be one power gain buff at 50% health. So Rainbow of Power is a power gain buff at 50% health. That is the short of it! 
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