LF 3-4 active and loyal players to help us push to gold. 7.4M Alliance

(17773) Suicide Squad 2018 looking for some members who want to grow with us an help us grow.
We run maps 55353 and 2 wars a week, expert in AQ, tier 12 AW.
Donations are all recycled winning and just enough so that we can run maps: 80k gold, 18k bc and 7500 loyalty.
We get above 40% in Sa every week.
Use Line to communicate but like who doesn't now.
Look us up in game we are 7.5M rated and only getting stronger from there.
PM me in game or find me on line kate.kirkham... yes the red head is me.


  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    Need one more
  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    I’m going to just keep commenting instead of making a new post. We are looking still and just need some players willing to be active in wars
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