Looking for 4 Summoners for our Gold 2 9.5 Million Alliance

GuzmaGuzma Posts: 18
edited June 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
We are the Valhalla Vets! An alliance made up of Veteran Players and semi-new players looking for a chill alliance. Our total rating is ~9.5 million and our war rating is ~1,200.. Our alliance leader is sick and some people are leaving us for a better alliance so things are kinda rough ATM, hence the low war rating ours is usually higher. We mainly run Map 2 due to a good amount of players being semi-new, we occasionally do map 3. We are in the talks about working Map 5 in there somewhere but most likely not until our leader gets back. We are a mainly AQ focused alliance but also semi-focused on AW but both are still a priority. I do have a few requirements for potential additions:

  • 275K rating or higher
  • Friendly and chill
  • Willing to improve alongside us
  • Spending isn't a priority unless you want too and given permission (AW)
  • Must use LINE App to communicate (No LINE communication = Boot)

Message me on LINE at @gladion18 if interested!
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