Deadpoolganger Node Issue... Help ASAP!

I can't be the only person in MCOC that this is happening too! On portal 6, I after I play Gwen pool, it WILL NOT let me face Black Panther. It makes like a clicking sound. Used 3 energy refills then bought 2 more, nothing. Please some1 help


  • Klow12Klow12 Posts: 1
    I already emailed kabam email about het problem, which hapenned to me too. They told me to zoom the screen then when the picture of the node big eniugh to be tapped, tap it. It did not solve the problem. But your might could be. Or you could email them too so they pay attention to this problem and make the update in the playstore.
    Sorry for bad english, its not my native
  • weavileweavile Posts: 280
    there is a small empty node behind BP you need to click it to go
  • OndZOndZ Posts: 71
    edited June 2018
    No, just tap any defender's picture. All pictures of champs disappear and then you can tap the node previously hidden by Black Panther.

    Edit: OK, tap Deadpool's picture and all champs' pics disappear.



  • Beholder_VBeholder_V Posts: 190
    It is annoying as hell and I wish they'd pay a little more attention when they build these maps to that WELL KNOWN AND DOCUMENTED ISSUE. But as others have stated, you can expose the node in a few different ways and tap on it.

    Here's an idea @Kabam Miike , how about a button on the side to advance? So long as there's no decision to be made on the direction, if you hit the button, you simply advance along your path. Boom, problem solved.
  • WOKWOK Posts: 434
    This was a minor annoyance in some of the maps I and some others had brought up last year along with other seemingly easy to adjust annoyances without any negative ripple effect. Unfortunately none of the suggestions were ever impemented let alone responded to. BUT HEY, we got a Support Team crystal today! Lol

    It might help a little if you posted this or maybe ask this thread to be moved to the Suggestions section of the forum. Might give it some prioritization over General stuff. And keep your fingers crossed that your plea for help doesn't fall on deaf ears. Good luck!
  • CassyCassy Posts: 438
    So in some quests this "problem" came up. Look where the Green node is blinking.
    Tap on top of bp. Fight bp, continue. Its not that Hard. I Hit IT correct heroic and Master the first time. Only uncollected took Me 3 attemps (intoxicated). There where difficulter challanges to Hut the button
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