Tips to keep improved graphics?

Anyone have any tips to turn on improved graphics? The game seemingly randomly and rarely has improved graphics. Characters and movements are smoother and have more depth, maps look polished, the camera zooms and swivels into the start of a fight rather than just zoom. It's just ideal.
I have the Galaxy s8 and I've tried running mcoc without any other programs going, switched between power save mode, game mode, and highest performance mode, and tested different connections. Nothing has proven to turn on these high quality settings.


  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704 ★★★
    graphics on iphone are 1000x better than any android
  • CreditzCreditz Posts: 49
    I have noticed these improved graphics from time to time but thought I was going crazy!
    I'm using a Pixel XL
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