5.5M Discord-mandatory alliance looking for 120K+ rated players

We want players who will join war/quest regularly and play actively.

About us:

Required: discord chat, summoner advancement saving
Not required: arena grinding, spending $

We’re respectful, friendly, and mostly adults. Some are very experienced players. No abusive members tolerated.

War rating around 1150-1250, rewards tier 9

Quest maps 43322 but we always take war attack phase into consideration, i.e. we won’t run map 4 at the same time as war attack.

We have two assigned teams (currently with 7 players each), also have players not assigned to any team. War/Quest is mandatory for team members. Non-team players can claim open war/quest spots. Quest map 2 is mandatory for every alliance member, team or not.

Goals: get enough strong players for two teams of 10, begin quest map 5, continue improving war rating/rewards

If that sounds good to you, then we'd be happy to welcome you to our alliance!
We are the Kings of Wakanda, tag: 87-71

Any questions, please ask!
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