6800 Prestige looking for AW focus, no donations.

MD5, skilled player, looking to get back into things


  • hqrihqri Posts: 7
    We are gold 1 in btwn plat 3 send your line ID plz
  • Xzibit030Xzibit030 Posts: 124
    Hey bro hqri i have a friend also looking for the same lol t4 or 5 aw at least and with no donations in aq. Plz contact me in line id
    My line id is xzibit030
  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    Tired of AQ 5x5? But still serious about AW? Well then, you are in luck! I have started a new semi-retired alliance for the Elite Warriors, for those with 5000 prestige or more.
    Alliance tag: EWØTB

    Contact me if interested:
    Ingame - Andlow94
    Line - andlow1
  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 408 ★★
    Nabbed one, but thanks y’all.
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