Alliance War Legend Badges


I am writing today in regards to some misconceptions and confusion regarding the Legend badges recieved for Rank 1 Season rewards.

Previous announcments to this event that were posted before Season 1, suggests that only the titles of “War Champion” and “War Elite” are badges that need to be defended, and can only be equipped for x amount of time.

With this being said, one of the Titles “War Champion” happens to also include a Legend title like the ones players get permanently during monthly quests and special events. Unfortunately, this title will dissapear along with “War Champion” if the next season does not bore the same results for then alliance.

I think this system is a bit flawd and/or wasnt addressed properly on the announcements prior to Season 1. The Legend Title in question was never mentioned as something that needed to be defended, only the text badges.

Wouldnt it give players more of an extra incentive for Rank 1 if they defended the actual titles instead (war champion, war elite ) , and were able to keep the Legend title permantley ? Rank 1 for any alliance is a major acomplishment and should be given a little bit more shine than common Legend tag with a time limit.

Additionaly, If the Legend Tag must be on a expire timer unless defended, it would be fair to possibly make a specific Legend title for Season Rank 1 rewards that says “War Champion” with all the trademarks and badges of a regular Legend title, instead of just a red or blue simple text under the gamer tag.

Just my suggestions/concerns
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