Glancing ability with bug

I used Ghost Rider's heavy in Captain America IW and the attack was glancing. The icon of health steal was not appearing in Ghost Rider, so I landed another heavy after this in Captain to get that judgement, then I noticed that I was stealing health even that the icon was not showing up.

Basically, the glancing ability, when triggered can reduce 100% offensive ability accuracy. In that case, the glancing was showing up and actually reduced my judgment to trigger. But somehow, it actived without show the icon.

I was in Uncollected Month Quest. Domino's quest (first quest).

I already had this problem with Ant-man in a past version of this game in arena against Juggernaut. He landed a heavy and my Ant-man glanced the attack, but I was not staggerred and the icon did not appear. But after this I evade and my dexterity was staggered, giving power to Juggernaut via mystic Dispersion.


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