S9 input drop and input bugs

in AQ, event quests, and AW, I've noticed (very irritably) that sometimes when im blocking with any character, the character will usually drop block when being attacked, whenever I play on my Samsung Galaxy S9. also when I swipe back to dodge, and the character does 1 of 3 things:
1. stands there. lump on a log.
2. medium attack. No! WRONG!
3. actually dashes back.
Can you guess what happens when i go for a dashing medium attack? yup. same thing.
there is also an issue with chaining special attacks immediately from a combo (regardless of what you end with), and also an issue with actually finishing your combo as the input doesnt read the last strike.

really need a fix for this, im very tired of losing champs in modes i shouldn't be losing champs in due to bugs.


  • i feel your pain. its just as bad on my samsung s8 plus. rip mcoc on droid
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