Real Champion Balancing

Okay so we all know that if a specific hero does a little too well;
Doctor Strange, Ultron, Scarlet Witch just to name a few... they get nerfed down a little.
Not a bad idea for balanced gameplay...
And heroes like Collosus, Ant-Man and Carnage
.. who massively underperform... kinda get shoved aside and only used as arena fodder.

I have a new inventive way that Kabam should look at in a future update. So i hope someone from Admin or Kabam themselves sees this and thinks it could work.
Inside the Marvel Universe there is NO balance. So why force one? Yes the classes are a good idea and should be kept for balancing and weaknesses. But there are tough fights in Marvel and there should be no easy way out or always even fights in MCoC...
Anyone who has read the Contest of Champions comics should actually know that its was difficult for people ro survive let alone win a single fight during the event.

(For the sake of this, assume all champions are 4*, Rank 4, Lvl 40.)

Some fights in this game usually can be breezed when realisticly (as realistic as marvel can go anyway) they shouldnt.
Well heres the idea.

People like the Hulk, Abomination, Venom, Captain America, Winter Soldier and Ghost Rider should have CONSIDERABLY more health than most champions. They, in comics are so hard to beat. They have proven time and time again that they are just durable.
Obviously to counter this there are champions who can really pack a punch in pure strength,
Black Bolt, Luke Cage, Vision, Ultron, Collosus, Ant-Man, all quite strong.

Now this isnt just a piss contest saying that people need more health and others need more attack or every fight would drag.
What im saying is Kabam should redo ALL champions health, attack, buffs and passives to what thier real comic counterpart is.
Hulk is so durable and so strong at times it takes the Avengers or the X-Men to stop him
People like Luke Cage and Robots cant bleed or be poisoned.
Spider-Man cant be poisoned.
Carnage can regenerate lost Limbs.

So it should fall to 4 categories;
Durable (Higher Health)
Strong (Higher Attack)
Strategic (Utilizes Buffs/Passives)
Potent (Higher Ability Output)

Kabam should just redo everyone and give them more or less health and attack but counter this with thier powers and skills.
Quake, one of the strongest powers in marvel, should have a lower physical attack and lower health.
Hawkeye. One of marvels most skilled.
No real power, should have okay health and okay attack but really makes use of criticals and fury.

Just little things like that.
That brings a new level of balance to the game.
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