Hidden buffs


Can we get a list of champs with all the “Hidden Buffs” @Kabam Miike this is new to me. I didn’t know champions in this game had anything hidden that wasn’t in the information tab of the champions abilities


  • GohmaGohma Posts: 24
    I would be the first to 💩 on KABAM but they are just saying CM sig ability works like a buff. However I would like the list of champs that abilities work like a buff. I’m assuming hulk does since it’s practically the same thing only health based.
  • @Kabam Miike can we get some more information about your own comment about CM's hidden buff? can you tell us who else has a hidden buff? thats kinda something the community should DEFINITELY know
  • @Kabam Miike please list champs with hidden buffs, pls
  • Hey All,

    Sorry, it seems that I caused some confusion where there didn't need to be any. It's not so much a hidden buff, as her ability itself. Her ability is to gain Attack Rating as her Power Meter fills, and her "buff" is what was counting that. This is not something we're going to get into, because we're not going to discuss how our system works for every Champion in the game.

    Long story short: Captain Marvel doesn't really have a hidden buff, this is just how the exact ability in her description works.
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