Magneto buff idea

Awaken ability, magnetic force field. Magneto starts the fight with a force field active. The force field last 6 seconds ( duration increases with sig level). After the force field runs off, it takes 15 seconds to recharge before it activates again.
Whenever magneto is under force field, he becomes indestructible for the duration of the force field. In addition, whenever the opponets strikes magnetos force field, they receive 40% of thier attack as direct damage. ( Note: the force field idea was derived from xmen apocalypse)

Passive : magnetism- whenever the opponet suffers magnetism abilities and buff effects have a 70% chance to fail. In addition, whenever opp suffers magnetism, magnetos attks have a 35 % chance to stun for 2 seconds
Special 1- 40% chance to inflict bleed, dealing x % of attk as direct damage over 2 seconds. If opp is bleed immune, they suffer armor break instead
Special 2- 50 % chance to inflict heal block for 10 seconds. 70% chance to bleed/armor break( bleed immune champs) for 5 seconds
Special 3 100% chance to inflict heal block for 10 seconds. 100% chance to inflict bleed/ armor break( bleed immune champs) for 7 seconds


  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 969 ★★★
    If this sig is on top of the current sig, hell yeah!

    I think the current Magnetism is fine as it is. Remember: Mutant champions are meant to be weak against Tech champions and nearly all Tech champions are made out of metal.

    I think the bleeds should be more consistent, like 60/80/100% and an Armor Break on top of that. It is not like this would unbalance Magneto in any way.
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 464 ★★
    Edit special 1 bleed duration to 5 seconds
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,190 Guardian
    I think they should change Magneto to cause unavoidable damage constantly through some debuff that no champ is immune to. We need more champs that can do this.
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