Champion update ideas

Deadpool X-FORCE: Allow him to have two dedenum poke bleed
Spiderman Classic: allow him to have 2 armor breaks on opponents
Iron Fist: increase Armor break/crit damage
Magneto (both): give him an attack bonus against metal champions
Colossus:minor Armor buff and increased damage output
Juggernaut: allow him to get fury when attacking and should be able to hit as hard as Hulk
Venom: increase buff effective, bleed damage maybe add a unique synergy with Carnage where he starts off with 4 buffs
Carnage: Maybe giving him different modes like one will have will have a mace and a shield giving Carnage increased block proficiency and Armor Break, while the other is duel swords and has bleed and cruelty
Hulkbuster:enhaced Armor and Armor break slight damage increase
Electro: Specials have a chance to do give shock damage
Thor(Classic):same as Electro
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