Relating to the phc

Kabam it's enough I have opened too many phcs but I couldn't get a 3 or 4 Ste hero . When it stops rotating on a 4 str it rotates one step forward . And when a 4 str is 1 step forward to me it doesn't rotates


  • Please do something kabam
  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,132
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    The slot-machine-like graphic you see when you spin is just for show. They've said as much many many times. There is no difference between spinning the crystals and just outright opening them. If you don't like the dramatic slow down over the high reward, low probability champ, just open them and save yourself the heartache. Or do like me and treat them like a 2 star crystal. You'll never be disappointed. (and you'll never waste your units buying any)
  • Romo790Romo790 Posts: 125
    Also don't spin crystals. The spinning animation means nothing and plays no role in what champ you pull. It's designed like a slot machine and it's only role is to get you to spend more.
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    I spin all crystals except 3 stars. I like the let down.
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