AW Blackout Periods

Question for Kabam - does Kabam plan on putting a blackout period for AW? This blackout period should be similar to AQ blackout where if you leave an alliance or you’re kicked, you don’t get rewards from AW for a set number of days. I ask this because there are rumors that alliances are now paying players via Paypal to join their alliance for defensive purposes only, and putting that player as backup.

Please advise. I think Kabam needs to take AW more seriously, as piloting still happens (its apparent in the top alliances) and these top alliances have secret chat rooms to time their search with other top allies, to avoid going against each other, hence keeping the status quo.

These are just two of many issues still rampant in MCOC Alliance Wars.

Also, saying Hi to my son DeathBringer!


  • Another thing to note: alliances are also paying $ to see defense of other team. Another issue that I failed to mention that I should have.

    Definitely notable issues. These are disadvantages to AW. AW defense setup should be limited to officers/leader only. This ensures the security of defensive setup!

    Curious what Kabam will say to this one!
  • SuperFarzSuperFarz Posts: 160
    Seriously lol what do you expect Kabam to do here? If people are dumb enough to pay for defense or to see the map so be it. Hilarious when end of season comes the most crazy posts are made.
  • How is that a crazy post. I explained what would be an acceptable change. Not allowing members to see defensive setup. This should be limited to Officers and Leader only. That said, it’s even funnier when guys like you put down posts like that. Makes you wonder.... are you guilty of something? #nownow #comeclean
  • Does Kabam have anything to fix the AW situation? A blackout period would be nice!
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