Iceman hits air on light attacks in combos

Since this month's update (special quest, etc.), I have problems with my Icemen to do my usual M-L-L-L-M combo. The light hits don't always hit the opponent but just the air in front of him/her, giving him/her the opportunity to attack or block me. It's not 100% on all light attacks, but since I've seen it in a lot of the longer fights now at least once, it's definitely there (and, because the longer fights are usually against stronger opponents, will beat my iceman into oblivion).

First appeared twice in my fight against Domino in Uncollected, so I reported it in a thread about Domino's bugs, but it has now appeared in other game modes (arena) and against various opponents too, but only when I played with my 4 and 5* icemen (haven't tried 3* so far).

My guess would be: The changed frame rates are messing things up here, but I still haven't lost all hope on your bug tracking team to find and fix the real issue.

Device: LG-D855
OS: Android 6.0
MCOC v18.1.0
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