XP indicator

Someone PLEASE explain to me why I can't easily see how much XP I have and how much XP I need until the next level. Why is there no easy way to view this info. Seriously. Don't reply with "So Kabam gets you to waste energy..."

It would be so easy. It displays how much energy I have and what my max is.... it displays exact numbers for resources and a chart of all.... so why can't I click on my XP or have it tell me in my profile that I have 9,045,633/9,100,000 XP required to level? C'mon


  • MayhemMayhem Posts: 90
    While it would be nice, it really only matters to a very small percentage of who they aim in this game. A new player comes and goes, but once you hit level 60, you don't have XP anymore and that feature would become useless. If they ever ranked people past 60 I can see them adding this feature, but until then I think your just stuck to your little sliver of blue that you can't tell is there or a million XP off.

    ...and so Kabam gets you to waste energy.
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