A Collection of Random Bugs

taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
1. Rogue is not reducing taunt duration as she should (but blade/karnak can, and av/kingpin/cb can shrug)
2. Beast freestyle is not doing the first tick of bonus damage when doing the mlllm combo
3. Modok, and autoblock in general, still has some issues. What happens is after autoblock is activated (modok, medusa, thor rag), the block is red for 2 hits, and then is supposed to turn blue (normal block). However, when fighting these champs I have seen that after the 2 red blocks, modok/medusa/thor rag is freed from the block stun, and able to throw a special, "evade" out of the block, or even counterattack. Additionally, they may experience block breaks (two hits are autoblocked, and then they continue to take hits)
4. Blade on masochism- when he parries, both the bleed and the stun are removed. On the other hand, someone like thor will still stun, while the armor break is removed
5. Certain abilities are being counted as debuffs for masochism (sw power steal, hawkeye power drain)
6. Burden of might actually increases power gain
7. I've been noticing that my attack is increased on dash vulnerability nodes
8. Buffet and masochism both trigger md, but no buff icon appears. Also, rogue can steal buffet regen if she replicates a buff and it is removed by buffet
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