Please Adjust The Game More For 5 and 6 Star Champs

There was a time in this game when 4-star champions mattered more because it was so hard to get enough shards to open a 5-star champion. But now it's gotten easier with the Uncollected Event Quests, the additional arenas and once in a while free 5-star shards in the monthly log-in calendar. Since the announcement of 6-star champions, the value of 4-star champs have obviously decreased except for the few that are not offered as a 5-star such as Wolverine.

As a result, the emphasis since the beginning of this calendar year (and the last few months of last year) has been getting 5-star champions and getting the shards to open 6-star champions.

But even though this is the momentum of a good proportion of the Summoner Community, there continues to be offers and parts of the game that have not adjusted to this momentum, as if 6-star champions were never announced.

1) The Crystal Shard Crystal - please include 5 star shards. I couldn't care less about this. This crystal has lost its appeal unless you add five-star shards or five-star and six-star shards

2) The current X-Force Crystal - why just up to 4-star champions? Wouldn't it be better to include 5-star champions. I have no motivation to complete the missions for a miniscule number of shards and some additional shards for this unappealing 2 to 4 star champions that will not do anything to improve the strength of my roster.

3) The Support Team Crystal giveaway - again, why cap this with 4-star champions when there isn't much appeal to them anymore. The community is chasing 5-star champions.

4) 24-hour Offers to rank up 4-star champions - Kabam turns their back on the players who have been playing this game for 2 years when they give these offers

I'm sure you have done metrics with this game to figure out which deals nets the best profits but it's hard, very hard, to believe that the parts of the game that have not been adjusted to the 5-star champion chase are still effective and profitable.
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