Menu and maps get really slow!

this might be some bugs and issues.

Menu and maps, especially there are many images, get really slow as it were the device of 20 years ago.

My device: iphoneX
Os: ios 11.3

Could you please kindly fix it quickly?


  • Ou_YeahOu_Yeah Posts: 45
    Haven't seen this on maps, but ever since the update, any screen that loads lots of images: crystals, characters, inventory, will slow down dramatically, with swipes and taps also registering very delayed. Even though I have an old phone (iPhone 6), I've never had an issue before the update. I have yet to see this issue when I play on my fourth generation iPad Mini
  • Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 341
    Same here, slow motion on iPad mini 4. On iPhone X is fine
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