Timeouts in war

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Do they or dont they count as a death in war? I've experienced that it does but then received an email from Kabam that it doesn't. Which is it please?8bnttjswfsoi.jpg


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    Timeouts most certainly DO count as a death.

    However, sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes for the scoreboard to reflect said timeout/death.
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    Technically there are no such things as deaths in war as far as scoring goes, however there is an attack bonus.
    When you time out, it will say something defended 1 time or 2 attack bonus remain. I can't recall how it is worded, honestly I think it says both depending on if you are looking at your defense or the opponents defense.

    My point is that it further proves that support doesn't know what they are talking about by using the wrong verbiage.
    And the fact that they are wrong.
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    Working as intended...until it's not.
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    If it doesn’t count, restart mcoc and it should be updated.
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    They absolutely count. Had that happen last AW, a guy in our BG was in spotty service and tried starting a fight but never got past the loading screen. First fight of our bg. Then after timing out his champ had 1/2 health, we showed the node was defended 1 time and a kill was registered in defenders killed column.

    if it didn't count then people would force quit fights they are losing and cheat the system like you used to be able to do on the old AW map.
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    Does it take time to register tho? I actively watched them die to my miniboss (immediately shows "defended 1 time") and then fight again and clearly timeout. But still shows defended 1 time.
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    Ah, well, restatted the game, then it shows, following advice above. So just a visual issue at the time.
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