New management and looking for new players, map 5 alliance pushing gold


Hello, we recently lost our leader so we just really need to replace him and a officer with some new awesome members!!
We run maps 55353, we run all three bgs and they are assigned so we get max rewards.
We run 2 Wars a week… just recently kicked out of teir 12 so we will get back up there easy and get to gold soon too.
We do require donations but they are all recycled from alliance events 80k gold 18k battle chips and 7500 loyalty.
We hit SA weekly but at this level who really doesn’t, we are usually top 40%
Line is required (again at this point when is it not)

For the assigned bgs we don’t assign paths instead we leave it up to each member to know their strengths and pick a path… once you pick a path we assume you are going to follow it and finish it. So if you can’t just tell us and we then use a back up to help you… super simple communication.

Find me in game or you can search me on line @kate.kirkham, the name is MsHowlett and the photo is a red head.
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