Quest crystals bug?

thegrimmlingthegrimmling Posts: 167
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I am noticing at times quest crystals are disappearing.

Platform: Android
Carrier: T-Mobile
Game Build: last 3 months
Cellular or Wi-Fi: both
Game mode: all except arena
Champions affected: all
Active boots: none

Description of issue:
I have noticed with story, catalysts, monthly, and daily quests, I have noticed that if I complete a path and click "replay" or "back to quests", my total earned quest crystals don't add up when I go to open them.
I tend to only have the quest crystals from the last path I ran.

I suspect it is a client/server syncing bug if I dont look at the crystals tab in between each path completion, it does not acknowledge the quest I have earned.

Over time, it seems to happen 40-60% of the time. @Kabam_Lyra @Kabam Miike

This does not seem to effect any shards earned and it not happening could be when I earn both quest crystals and shards, but only quest crystals.

Thank you,
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