Character revamp ideas (part 1)

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I have been a player of this game for quite some time now, and while I mostly enjoy it, I am deeply disappointed with the state of some of the champions. While the newest ones hae multiple useful abilities, some older champs have just nothing going for them, rendering useless for every aspect of the game. We saw luke cage and red hulk receive a buff to their abilities, and that made really happy all of the game community. If the game team is bored to find some more new ideas for older champs, i would love to help with providing my suggestions to you. If any moderator finds my suggestions interesting, he is free to contact me, and of course i want to hear feedback to them from the rest of the people in the forums.

(In addition to already existing abilities)
  • Groot's gentle nature is put to the test each time he has to suffer the pain from blocking an opponent's attack, with a 40% chance to gain a Pacifism charge for each blocked hit.
  • Against stunned opponents and if groot has 4 or more pacifism charges: Groot finds the oppening he needed to unleash his full might, throwing off his gentle nature and gaining fury and cruelty buffs for each charge of pacifism.
  • Persistent charge: pacifism charges transfer from fight to fight.
  • New ability: We are Groot
    The only thing Groot desires the most is to provide aid to his hurt friends.
    Each time a champion in the same team as groot is knocked out, he has a 60% chance to instantly be brought back to life by Groot (similar to the dormammu and mordo synergy) at 15% of his max health and gain a passive regeneration effect that heals him for 4000 health over 2 seconds.
    As a result of that effort, Groot loses 5% of his max HP.
    +35% chance for this ability to trigger when that champion is marked as "guardian of the galaxy"
    -40% for this ability to trigger when that champion is marked as "villain"
    This ability can only be triggered once per quest for each champion

Hopefully i find the time soon to write about other champions as well. Let me know your thoughts on these suggestions.
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