Is taskmaster worth grinding for?

Have limited experience of taskmaster and limited time to play this week. Is taskmaster so good that I should spend all my time in the contest to grind for him or give it a rest this week? Will taskmaster improve my game?


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    Taskmaster’s main use offensively is as a Champion who reduces ability accuracy but needs to be awakened because his concussions are what pushes it to 100%. To me he seems like a Crossbones who’s more difficult to use but has added benefit like 40% perfect block, chance to land a critical hit, and the ability to become immune to debuffs in long fights when awakened.
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    Honestly, TaskMaster is a new champ and he's good, but if you have a decent roster he'll rarely make it to your Team B , let alone Team A.

    Ability Reduction - A lot of champs can do faster what TM can build up for
    Perfect Block - This is becoming more and more obsolete since the harder challenges always need you to EVADE, think Thanos.
    High Damage Output - Again, there are so many champs who can dish out much more damage , faster than TM.

    I prefer to grind for Cable since I find him more intriguing than TM, even though I agree I'll never use either of them.
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