Act 5.2.6 Collector boss.

VaultVault Posts: 34
Can I defeat collector with these.
4* max Hyperion, Ghost rider, Hawkeye.
And 4/40's archangel, magik, sparky, dormammu, x23.
I am in 5.2.4. With 500+ units. And two team revives.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 388
    Depends in your skill. If you can clear the path of 5.2.5 with no deaths, then you are probably able to do it again in 5.2.6, you need about 5 team revives for the collector.
  • TachyonShadowTachyonShadow Posts: 103
    If you can r5 sparky you should be able to clear in 3 to 4 single revives and pots just for him
  • VaultVault Posts: 34
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