Selling RDTs, aq energy refills, auto mapper, etc.

Why can't kabam find a way to sell rank down tickets in the store as a resource?

What is the point of having limited alliance quest and war energy if you can't buy more refills in the store?

DC legends had this resource called "speed force" available to buy in game that let u auto complete an entire map for the same energy requirments, but no time wasted redoing each fight. As long as you had done 1 initial clearing. Can we get a similar mechanic for those of us with jobs/lives?

All these ideas would benefit the players, and since we would buy them, maybe earn in game also; they would benefit kabam as well.

I do not see the problem.


  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 26,674 ★★★★★
    Besides the fact that they contradict the whole point of game play and people wouldn't bother playing for the Resources to Rank new Champs?
    No. No problem at all. Lol.
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,772 ★★★★
    In regards to DC Legends, it needs the Speed Force mechanic since grinding and farming completed levels is the main way to acquire champions and rank them up. Plus their "maps" are a straight line with the same enemies every time, unlike CoC where different paths on maps have different challenges/champs/buffs.
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