Losing champ control in AW

I know a lot of people have reported losing control of their champs in AW. Apparently Kabam is not concerned with this extra revenue stream and healing them back up but is there a way to avoid this? Started a fight without control, so did a hard reset. Came back to fight again only to lose control again. What can I do to prevent this? Delete game and reinstall?


  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    android users got it the worst cause i think they make it on iphone first and then port it. thats why theres a huge performance difference when running mcoc on IOS vs android OS.

    best thing to avoid this is not to play on a cracked screen (obvi) and just play patient. nothing else we can do cause doesnt look like kabam will do anything about it.

    we have 2 major threads for ios and droid laggy performance but since april (when it was created) nothing has been said or done or even acknowledged by kabam, the mods or anyone.

    makes me believe they wont do anything given how silent the mods have been about it but they will probably direct you to that thread anyway..
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