Looking for 5-6 new players in a map 5 expert alliance

We are rebuilding after some inactive members had to leave… you know how it is. Right now we are around 6M alliance but we are usually up closer to 8M when we have a full 30 roaster.
We like to run map 5 three times a week and run map 3 the rest of the time to keep donations down.
Speaking of donations they are 80k gold, 18k bc and 7500 loyalty, all of these are just recycled from alliance events though and I’ve never had to enter the arena to hit donations.
We get SA weekly
We have line (who doesn’t)
We usually want at least one rank 5 4* just so you can make a decent run in map 5

Fine me in game or on line, my ID is kate.kirkham but the name is mshowlett. It is a photo of a red head that shows up. We are willing to wait until seasons ends so that you gave get the rewards with your current ally


  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    I should mention we are silver 1 right now but we have been flipping between gold 3, also ally tag is 17773
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