[C-E-M] Growing alliance playing the game because it's fun

We are a growing alliance with a 2.5M rating and an average member rating of 191k and looking to grow.

We're an adult alliance with working members. We play the game because it's fun and don't expect members to treat it like a second job. We're composed of members from around the globe, like to have a good time, and don't take anything too seriously.

Advanced tier AQ largely map 2 & 3; no minimum donations required. We are currently in AW Silver 3 and expect to move up if we can grow to more than one battlegroup.

We only ask that members be at least level 25 and willing to do their part and work together as a team.

If interested, feel free to give me a shout.

Line ID: dannoel2012
IGN: DareDvlDan
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