Punishment for piloting and cheating alliances


You banned those people who purchase units at cheaper price.

But you let those cheat in wars stay on top? And even ignoring many piloting alliances?

Are you guys aware that wars involved monetary value too? You sell 5* shards, you sell t2a etc at high price.

Then why does the punishment for aw cheaters are much lighter than those purchasing units at discounted price?

Season 2 coming to an end. So are we going to end this season with tons of cheaters up there?


  • Spot on. Temporarily.. i guess lets cheat in the next 3 wars. Since nothing major is done.

    How frustrating!

    And with lower aw rating, these cheating alliances will be matched with easier opponents. How nice!

  • KoostyKoosty Posts: 9
    Alliances that spend the most would never get deducted points. In fact, didn’t they get rewarded in Season 1. Oh right, Kabam logic.
  • If Kabam continue with that logic, then we'll see how they survive with only the top alliances around with no one to compete with :)
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