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I am sure many like me wanna know some answers into the process of the game and how its brought to life. I am here to ask the game team some questions so we can get answers.

1. When new character is released when do you work on the next one?.

2. How long is the process to create the amazing loading screen artwork?

3. Follow up to question 1, once the champ is completed what is the process when comes to testing them out along with how do you decide which fighting style they can have?

4. How many Event Quests do you work on and how long does it take to complete one?

5. Does it take alot of time when copying and pasting the different frames and star lvls put on the champions.

6. Once the champion is finished what goes through your minds when its time to name their specials and sig ability? How do you come up with these names as well?

That is all i came up with but if you guys want the game team to answer your questions feel free. With 3 yrs in i believe it times for us to learn about the behind the scenes process of bringing this game to life!.

Please be civil and keep this thread clean and avoid posting negative stuff this is meant to be a Q&A thread.


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    Thats exactly that kind of question list everybody gets here fully answered as usualy
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    Thats exactly that kind of question list everybody gets here fully answered as usualy

    Then where is it lol
  • BajjsbwuqjwBajjsbwuqjw Posts: 680 ★★
    Of course they will never answer that
  • IanMoone89IanMoone89 Posts: 592
    Of course they will never answer that

    Well i want that to change
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    7. When is HELLCOW coming to the Contest?
  • This is ridiculously adorable.
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    I thought it was some of those more serious questions like
    - how long does it take to make a "Request help all in arena" button, "Help all" button from alliance, "duel again" feature...
    - how long to fix the bug that the event keep showing 1 notification whenever AQ is going?

    Those are small things i know, but with many things kabam fixed in a day or two, i think those are nothing too hard.

    For a player who has just been here for 5 months i already find those really unnecessarily annoying and how pp endure for so long
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