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KPB! Recruiting! LF 5-10 AFTER War Season Rewards. +250k preferred

Started rebuilding from the ground up 2 months ago. Been running 3x5 AQ's, but we are trying hard to get back to 5x5. Some of my current members are unable or unwilling to put forth more effort and need to be replaced by people who actually want to succeed. We are currently bronze 1 tier 12, but if we win our current war we can be silver 3 by tomorrow! I understand war season rewards are in 5-6 days, so no rush to leave your current alliance to join me. HOWEVER, if you and some friends are looking for a new home, I will definitely be able to bring yall in! Line is a requirement though! Contact info is below.

Line ID: kronosdouble
Alliance Tag: KPB!


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