LF Platinum Alliance

Been Gold 1 last two seasons and I’m at the point where I need to be Platinum in order to progress in game. IGN is Coach Led. 6900+ prestige. AQ map 6 experience. Normally take path 6 in war (node 24 path). Clear path without dying. Down my mini without dying. Even been known to solo a boss every now and then. Not looking to be micromanaged and hounded about minimums, etc. Need a laid back, AW focused alliance. Currently use Discord. Message me using the same name or in game if interested.


  • SammyStoicescuSammyStoicescu Posts: 783
    We’re very relaxed 😌 alliance that recruits very high end players no donations map3 for now we just started the ally, later on we might do only 2 bags map5/6
    Pushing in AW as much as we can without stress.

    I want ppl to enjoy the game.

    If you’re interested my line or IGN: SammyStoicescu
  • SammyStoicescuSammyStoicescu Posts: 783
  • CoachLedCoachLed Posts: 280
    Sorry bud. Need platinum not bronze. Thanks for the interest though.
  • Hit me up in game at lightburn22
    Line id lightburn
    Platinum 3
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