Need new summoners for next AW season. 7.5 million alliance

7.5M Line-mandatory alliance looking for dependable, active players of 200K+ rating who want to play war and quest
About Alete:

Required: Line Chat Communication and participation
Not required: arena grinding, treating this like a job

We’re respectful, helpful, and mostly adults. Some are very experienced players. No abusive members tolerated. We like to have a supportive family atmosphere.

War rating around 1000 rewards tier 11 Silver 2 currently but would like enough to run 3 BGs next season.

Quest maps 55333 but we always take real life into account.

We have two war BGs and try to rotate members into AQ when running map 5. War/Quest is mandatory for team members unless given a heads up to an officer. This is a game and we treat it as such so it should be fun.

Goals: get enough strong players for 3 full BGs quest map 5 more often, continue improving war rating to at least Gold 2 next season.

Add me in game at MaximumCrash or on Line maximumcrash2


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