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Collusion in war appreciate kabam

Dear kabam

From the post of mike i realized that you really want to keep war environment safe and punish the cheaters that you can surely detect. And during this process nobody has extra priviliges in yout eyes even he/she has huge wallet

Of course you can not decide or accuse any ally just by using screenshots. But if you are suspicious and really want to know truth i can propose some methods:

1) You have the data of each player on your game. We all know that alliance quest is more simple than war so pick up a specific player (i may suggest some names:) invesitigate his aq deaths and aw deaths

2) you may try to verify the story of confessor. Have his heroes really be deleted? Have he kicked from the alliance? You can reach this data. And if these are true than you may want to get in contact with him and ask more verifiable evidence i am sure that he may supply for example he may let you to connect his phone wia third party software and invesigate his communications via several apps

İ think finding the truth for this specific case is not as hard as developing this great game

Best luck for your investigation


  • MicklownickMicklownick Posts: 315 ★★
    Witch hunt!! ....I couldn't resist...
  • SeetheevilSeetheevil Posts: 66
    No bro this is not witch hunting. most of the community is playing honestly so they have right to want keeping the game environment safe. And if there are some witches in the game, it isnt bad thing to hunt them for the sake of honest ones
  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    Keeping the contest fair should be the primary objective
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