4 mil Active 43222/ Silver 1 (Tier 13) looking for DAILY players, 75k-250k rat

4 mil Active 43222/ Silver 1 (Tier 13) and climbing alliance looking for DAILY players, 75k-250k rating. LINE required
We are a very active alliance, contributing to major milestones, AW and AQ every week.
What we are looking for:
-No egos or attitude. We are a tight community that take care of each other and help each other grow with advice, guidance, and commitment and contributions from everyone.
-Have LINE or sign up with LINE
-Must have at least 5 4* 4/40 Champs to contribute to AW and AQ.
-We require minimum requirements for Duel Skirmish, Item Usage, 3-Day Completion, Summoner Advancement, and donations to Treasury.
-Toxic members, failure to login regularly, or those who prevent our alliance from reaching milestones will not be tolerated and removed.

If you are interested please message me on LINE app, user id: someass


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